Orbus Leisure Power Vibe Pro Wave Vibration Plate Review

Published: 07th October 2011
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Firstly, it should be declared I will be no DIY fan. Anything that requires a amount of self-building sends me in to a panic, and so i entrusted this the main process to my partner. He was delighted to get that this degree of DIY needed to build this system was minimal, and although occasionally two pairs of hands were required, the instructions were easy to understand, all the necessary components were clearly marked and it took short amount of time as well as from start to finish.

Ease of Use

The Pro Wave is definitely an attractive vibration plate, and appears really stylish. I prefer the way the bars are just at the top of your machine, instead of extending right down to the foot of the equipment. Which means that you'll be able to perform number of unrestricted routines around the platform which you cannot do on similar priced models.

Your computer console is bold and brightly lit along with the instructions supplied with it were clear and. I soon got used to what each button was for and was happily setting my own, personal workout programmes after just a few sessions.

The woking platform area is generously proportioned this also has become a benefit. You do not get much from a vibration plate in case you just get up on it and that means you have to have a amount of room where you'll be able to perform some simple exercises. Home plate is enough adequate for lunges, squats, press ups, calf massages etc i never felt unstable when stood upon it.


Ideally, when buying a vibration plate you ought to locate a model that could offer a selection of settings. The principle settings on any plate should be frequency (measured in hz and it is the speed the dish vibrates at) and time. I used to be thrilled to note that the Pro Wave offers both. In reality, some frequency settings that exist using this machine are certainly not usually available on a plate of the price band, this was an additional benefit.

There are a few nice added extras provided with this machine, the 1st being arm straps. It's rather a little too easy to simply grab the hand rails when exercising, though the arm straps it is possible to figure out your chest muscles too. Home plate is additionally supplied with an extremely detailed exercise chart, showing that you simply number of exercises to where on your body they benefit.

Once you understand basic principles of vibration training start while using pre-programmed routines. These are generally 5 challenging routines which will help much you will get the best from your session.


The Pro Wave posseses an RRP of 995 but is which is available from Orbus Leisure at 479. It is deemed an extremely competitive price for a model that is certainly specified so highly. The specification levels mean that is sits comfortably with competitors for example Vibrostation and Power Plate MY5 but is available in a substantially low cost.


Overall I've found the Pro Wave Vibration Plate to be a great product, especially for the sub 500 cost. It is just a solid plate that's feature packed and really easy to use. Referring highly recommended and i'm sure has decided to come with an army of loyal fans who are keen to learn from whole entire body vibration training.

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